3 Best Ways to Get AdSense Approval in 2021

Do you want to know How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2021? Nowadays It is getting hard to get google AdSense approval. Because AdSense has launched their new policies regarding the google Adsense approval process. It’s 2021, And every year Adsense rules and regulations are changed. They are trying to improve their services.

Quick Steps to Get AdSense Approval in 2021.

  1. Make Sure your website has an AdSense friendly theme.
  2. Your website should contain quality content (Around 25 posts of 1000 words.)
  3. Your website must have policy pages like (About us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy.)
  4. Sign up for the AdSense.
  5. Add the AdSense code in your website.
  6. Now wait for 1 to 3 weeks for review process.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising network. Google AdSense displays ads on youtube, websites, and apps. Different companies over the world approach google AdSense to show their ads on different platforms like youtube channels, websites, and apps. But for that purpose, they need to pay Google to display their ads on such platforms.

AdSense is the most high-paying ad network in the world. Millions of websites and youtube channels are monetized with AdSense. Adsense shares 68% of revenue with creators. For Example: If there is a 100$ earning in a blog, then the publisher will receive 68$ in revenue.

AdSense Approval Requirements.

Following are some requirements to get Adsense approval.

  1. User-Friendly Theme. I recommend writee a theme for wordpress.
  2. Quality content posts should be at least 25 of 1000 words per article.
  3. Policy pages must be included like About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, DMCA, Disclaimer, and Cookies Policy.
  4. No external links are included in the posts.
  5. Content should be meaningful.
  6. Website speed should be fast.
  7. No 404 error is acceptable.
  8. Menus should be filled properly with their existing categories.
  9. Policy Pages should be displayed on the menu bar.
  10. Adsense code must be placed under the head tag before applying.

How to Get AdSense Approval For Blogger

Adsense can be approved on a free blogger. If you can’t afford the expenses of hosting and domain then don’t worry there is a completely free platform from Google. On Blogger you can create a free blog and earn money through Google AdSense ads. You can get AdSense approval on the Blogspot domain. Below I will describe the difficulties of getting AdSense approval while using blogger.

Difficulties in getting AdSense Approval on Blogger.

  1. If you are using a Blogspot domain, then AdSense will take around 6 months to 8 months to review your website.
  2. You cannot do good ads placement.
  3. If you attach a custom domain for AdSense approval it will cost you.

How to get Adsense Approval for WordPress Blog.

Getting AdSense approval on a WordPress blog is quite easy. Because WordPress allows you to access different plugins. The use of plugins makes AdSense approval the easiest. You must have hosting and a custom domain to get approval from Adsense for the WordPress blog.

After the WordPress is installed on your hosting. Then we need to ready the website for Google AdSense approval. For this process, we will start posting on the website. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to write an article then don’t worry today I will reveal my 3 best ways to get AdSense approval with copypaste content.

3 Best Ways to Get AdSense Approval with Copypaste Content:

Here are my best methods through which I usually got Adsense approval without writing a post by myself. I just copypaste and as a result, my AdSense is approved on the website. There are three copy-paste content methods listed below.

  1. Youtube Subtitle Method.
  2. Google Translate Method.
  3. Google Voice Method.
  4. Youtube Subtitle Method :

Youtube Subtitle method is one of the easiest methods through which you can get AdSense approval on your blog. In this method, we will use three websites the links of those websites are below.

  1. Small SEO Tools.
  2. Text Fixer
  3. Down Sub

Steps to Generate Content from Youtube Subtitles:

  1. Open youtube and search your favorite topic on which you need a blog post.
  2. Now go to the filters option and select Subtitles filter.
  3. Also, select the last month’s filter. Now you will get the videos that were uploaded last month.
  4. Now copy the video link you want. and Paste it into down sub.
  5. Now download the txt file and open it.
  6. Copy the content from the txt file and paste it into the text fixer. And press removes line breaks and paragraphs.
  7. Now copy the content from the text fixer and check plagiarism through smallseotools.
  8. Now you have a 100% Unique Article.
  9. Google Translate Method:

Google translate method is one of my favorite methods. In this method, we translate the content and make a 100% unique article. The following tools will be used here.

Steps to Generate Content From Google Translate Method:

  1. Open Google and type your favorite topic.
  2. Now dive to google’s 3rd or 4th page.
  3. Open any website and start copying its article.
  4. Once you have done, Now open Google Translate.
  5. Paste the copied article and select any AdSense supported language.
  6. Now the Content is translated.
  7. Now go to smallseotools. Check Plagiarism.
  8. 100% Unique article is ready for AdSense approval.

3: Google Voice Method:

Google Voice method is a unique and new method. From this method, you can generate content by just voice typing. You can get content in your favorite language by speaking on the mic. Let’s see how to generate content from this method.

Steps to Generate Content From Google Voice Method:

  1. Open Google Docs.
  2. Go to Tools and select Voice Typing.
  3. Select the desired language you are going to speak in.
  4. For example, I have selected Urdu.
  5. Now I will start speaking Urdu.
  6. You will see an article will start writing in the Urdu language.
  7. Here is your 100% unique article for AdSense Approval.


At the last, Google AdSense is getting hard and hard to get approval for your site. So writing content by yourself is quite difficult. But using these 3 copypaste methods, I am sure you will get AdSense approval.

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