How to Create Policy Pages For AdSense Approval in 2021

Every website required some necessary pages to get AdSense approval. So today, I will tell you how to create policy pages for Adsense approval. If you don’t know what are the policy pages. Let me explain it to you.

What are Policy Pages for AdSense?

Policy pages are compulsory for Adsense approval. Policy pages include About us, Contact us, and Privacy Policy. These three pages are policy pages and are very necessary to get approval from AdSense. Learn how to get Adsense approval

Names of Policy Pages.

Usually, there are three pages that are compulsory for Adsense approval but In my strategy, I include five pages on my website to get it approved from AdSense. These are the following.

  • About us.
  • Contact us.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • DMCA.
  • Disclaimer.

How to Create Policy Pages For AdSense Approval

So let me explain to you how to create these important pages for Adsense approval.

1. About Us.

About us, page can be created using allows you to generate a free about us page for your website. After reaching on

You have to fill in your website name in the full company legal name section. Put your email address below in the email address section. Click see your page now.

Your website’s about us page has been generated within a single click. Replace your name in the founder name. Just copy it and paste it in your website.

2. Contact Us.

Contact us page can be created using the contact form 7 plugin in WordPress.

Just Install and activate it. After installing this plugin open the plugin.

Copy the shortcode and paste it in your required paste. Contact us page is generated successfully.

3. Privacy Policy.

The privacy policy page is the most important for Adsense approval. You can create it using privacy It is a free tool to generate a privacy policy page.

Enter the Company name that is your website name. Below again enter your website name. On the third option enter your website URL.

In the additional settings, you should select these options.

Here Select your country and state. Also, provide your email address. And Click on generate my Privacy Policy.

That’s it your website’s privacy policy page has been generated. Copy it and add it to your website.

4. DMCA:

DMCA page is also an important page for your website. You can generate DMCA page from Go to this website and add the details.

Now put your website name in name of infringing work. And enter your website URL in both two options below. Click generate my DMCA notice.

Your website’s DMCA page has been generated copy it and add it to your website.

5. Disclaimer

To create a disclaimer page for your website. Go to Now you can simply create your page by adding details. It’s the same as the privacy policy page so you can follow up on the privacy policy page creation steps.


Today we learned how to create policy pages for Adsense that are about us, contact us, privacy policy, DMCA, and Disclaimer. I hope you guys are now able to create these necessary pages for your website. If you like the guide share it with your friend’s Thanks.

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