How to Make Money from Event Blogging in 2022? Step by Step Guide

Do you want to make money from event blogging? Event blogging is one of the best methods to make money instantly. The main problem of all the newbies is that they have no patience. As we know to start a niche or brand website you need at least 6 months to rank that website. Some websites take 1 year to start ranking, as it depends upon your website’s niche.

So here beginners are unable to make money. They get demotivated and they stop their blogging journey. Then they called blogging is dead. Blogging has no future.

Tips to Make Money from Event Blogging.

Here I will show you how to earn money from event blogging. In event blogging, there are a lot of topics on which you can make a blog. Make sure your niche research is perfect then you can make a handsome amount of income on the event day.

What is Event Blogging?

Event Blogging works on a blog where a blogger focus to cover any upcoming event. The main motive of event blogging is to drive massive traffic to your website. Bloggers research upcoming events and start a blog on that event 3 to 6 months before that event.

They rank their website on that particular event within a short time due to low competition on that event. And when the event date has arrived. There are millions of searches on that topic. Now you can make thousands of dollars in a single day.

What do you need before Starting Event Blogging?

Event blogging costs only domain and hosting. It is the cheapest field of event blogging.


Buy Domain from NameCheap. Domain should cover your main keyword. It’s mean your domain will be EMD(Exact Match Domain).


In the event blogging your hosting should be stronger that can hold a good amount of traffic. On the day of the event, your website can get 100k + users at the same time. So for that, the fastest and cheap hosting is symbol host. I am using the symbol host for a long time and it is est for event blogging. Buy Symbol Host Now.

How to Find a Niche for Event Blogging.

The event blogging niche research process is quite easy than other niche research like AdSense niche research, affiliate niche research, etc. But How you can do it?

First of all, you need to find an event. To find events we will use our mind and Wikipedia. Our mind will be used to remember that what’s the date today. If you remember any special date on which an event has happened in the past, then you have to note down it.

Using Wikipedia for Niche Research

Now we will use Wikipedia to do event research. Search today’s date on google. Now you will see Wikipedia on the top.

Go over there Now you will see events written there.

How to find an event

Here you can find a lot of events which are happening on the specific date you have searched. Now after selecting a topic from here we have to do niche research to make sure that a topic we are selecting is profitable or not.

Is your niche Profitable?

We will use Google Trends to check the trend of that topic. Here we will know that is your niche profitable? If you work on a niche that is dead and has no search volume on it. Then your all hardships will be wasted. Learn how to find a profitable niche.

How to use google trends to find an event?

First of all, go to google trends and add your niche there. After searching google trends will show a graph related to that topic.

Make sure you must select worldwide on the country section or enter your targeting country. Here this graph means that in past 12 months Elizabeth II is trending like it. You can also change the filter and change it into the past 30 days. So we can know how this topic is going in the past 30 days.

Event Blogging

On the past 30 days filter, you can see the graph was boosted and then suddenly go down. This is because the event date is today. In the United States, it is night. So they search this topic yesterday and now searches are ended. But the graph will be boosted tomorrow. Once 9th September date will happen.

Event blogging topics for 2022.

We have done niche research. But now I will share event blogging topics that are on trending or will be on-trend in 2022. I will start with sports.

Sports Event Blogging.

One thing that is on-trend every time is sports. As we all know T20 WorldCup is upcoming. There will be millions of traffic at that event. Just check the t20 world cup event in google trends you will be shocked. So Our First Niche in Sports is Cricket.

Cricket Event Blogging:

To perform cricket event blogging you have to follow all the above processes of google trends. As we know IPL and T20 Worldcup 2021 are on the top. So you can do the proper topic research here and earn a good amount from this event.

Here is a micro-niche idea in cricket event blogging. Covering the whole event of the T20 Worldcup is impossible for beginners. So they can make a blog on a single match. like Pakistan vs India or something else. This will help you to rank easily.

UFC Event Blogging.

UFC event blogging is also on the top. If you have a good knowledge of SEO then you can cover the whole event but I will recommend you to make a blog on a single match.

Football Event Blogging.

Football is also a hot topic to start. You can repeat the same strategy here in football events. Work on a single match and rank it easily.

How to Rank Event Blog?

The most important thing is to rank an event blog. If your event is not tanked on the event day. Then all of your hard work is wasted. But there are some techniques through which you can rank an event easily

1. Niche Research

Niche Research is the first step that is already covered above. Make sure you follow all the things to find a best niche.

2. Keyword Research.

Keyword research is the most important step after niche research. Now how to do keyword research for event blog. We will use google trends and google again. Enter your topic in google trends. Below you will find a related queries section.

Here are the keywords that you can use in your content. Or you can write a separate article on it.

This was the first method now we will use google to find related keywords. Enter your keyword in and drag down to related searches section.

These are the keyword on which you can write articles and you can use them in your main keyword.

3. On Page SEO.

After keyword research now you are able to write articles. You must collect 10 to 15 keywords for a specific event. Now you have to write a single post on your homepage. That post should cover all the queries related to your event.

You have to cover all the keywords you finded in that particular post. After writing a complete detailed article on your main keyword. Now you have to write single article on each keyword you have researched. Add those posts in blog category. Your website is ready.

4. Social Signals.

Once you have done article writing. Now your main motive is to rank it and drive some traffic on that event. For that purpose you have to do social signals. Now what are social signals it’s a long topic. But in short social signals is sharing your blog posts on social media platform using hashtags.

You have t oshare your blog posts on pintrest, twitter, facebook, reddit, Instagram, tumblr using hashtags. Hashtags will be your main keywords and related keywords. This is very important for a new website. So make sure you follow this for your new event blog.

5. Off Page SEO.

In Off page SEO we will cover link building, If you follow this linkbuiliding technique your website will rank in a month easily. So what will be the best link building routine for your website.

First Month.

After adding all the content. Now you have to do social signals for a month. Social signals are explained in detail above. This routine should be follow for the first month.

Second Month.

In the 2nd month we will start link building process. In first week of the second month you have to create 10 profile backlinks and 10 blog comments.

In 2nd week of second month you have to increase the quantity of these links to 20 profile backlinks, 30 blog comments and 30 web 2.0 . After this routine your website will start appearing on google 2nd page or first page.

If your website is tucked at 2nd or 3rd page, So follow this routine.

3rd Month.

As your event is close to happen. Now you have to rank website faster in google. So now we will create PBN backlinks. PBN backlinks will help you to boost your website rankings in a week or 3 days. After creating pbn backlinks your website will definitly rank in on the top of google.

How to Monetize an Event Blog?

The main and most important thing is website monetization. If your website is not monetized you will not earn a single dollar. But don’t worry I will share some best ad networks through which you can monetize your event blog fast. Here are several best ads networks for event blog.

Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is the number one ad network for any kind of website. Also it can apply in event blogs. But AdSense approval is not an easy task. You have to know some important things before apply for it. I have written a detailed article on Google AdSense approval.


Ezoic is the 2nd best ad network for your website. Ezoic pays per impression. Ezoic requires 10k sessions on google analytics in last 28 days. But if your website has not enough traffic then don’t worry. Ezoic has launched Access now program where new websites can also apply for ezoic monetization.


Adsterra is a fair ad network. There is no approval requirement for adsterra. Simply you have to add a website and your website will get approved. Adsterra pays less than google adsense and ezoic so focus on these two networks.

How to Promote and Event Blog?

You have done all things like SEO, social signals, Link building. But you have a lot of other options to promote your event blog. These options will generate traffic without efforts.

1. Google Ads:

The best option for event blogging is google ads. It will cost you but you can earn 3 times for than you invest. On the day of event start a search ad on google ads. Now each and every user will be on your blog.

2. Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads is another best option. In 2021 billions of users use facebook. Google is just used for searching purpose but facebook is used everytime. If you start an ad on facebook you will drive massive traffic from there.

3. Whastapp Groups.

This is the free method but really powerful. You can join whatsapp groups related to your event. On the event day just share your posts on all the relevant groups. That’s it thousands of users will click your link.

Is Event Blogging Dead in 2022?

Is event blogging dead in 2022? No event blogging is not dead in 2022 some of topics are dead in event blogging like wishing scripts etc but still a lot of topics are working. You can still make money from event blogging.


This is the complete guide on how to start and event blog and how to earn money from event blogging. I hope you will enjoy this article. I shared my personal experience on event blogging. Share it with your friends if you really enjoy it. Thank you.


Can I use my AdSense in event blogging?

Yes you can use adsense but it depends upon your targeting niche.

Which Hosting Platform is Better for event blogging?

Symbol host is best for event blogging. It is the fastest and low budget hosting. But it Now.

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